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Welcome to the Artisan Circle!

Artisan Home Decor
Artisanal goods are one of the best things you can buy for home decoration, and it’s very easy to make your very own artisanal décor to fit your home!

The Artisan Circle is the home and garden site where you can learn to incorporate artisanal goods into your own home and to make your own by exercising any art and craft talents you may have (or may not know you have, there’s always something to learn)!

When you buy Artisanal goods for your home and garden, you’re doing more than just purchasing a lovely, handcrafted item that spoke to you; you’re buying something from a hardworking artist in your own community. There’s something fundamentally wholesome about buying something you know was handcrafted with care and skill; there’s something fundamentally healing about crafting such an item yourself.

Whether you will be inspecting art or craft fairs, or learning a craft of your own, The Artisan Circle wants to encourage you as much as possible to buy your home and garden goods from local artisans and maybe even become one yourself. There’s nothing wrong with supporting the proliferation of art in this world!